Benefits of Carpet

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You hear a lot about how homeowners prefer hardwood floor over carpet. There are benefits of both and there is no denying that hardwood floor has an appealing aesthetic value to it. Hardwood floor is very durable too. But in our opinion, there are several more benefits of carpet than hardwood floor.

Learn the benefits of carpet below:


There are endless options when it comes to colors and patterns of carpet available for purchase.

You can complement bold color furniture and décor accents in a room with a more neutral tone carpet or, if the décor is more neutral, you can complement it with a bold color carpet.

A pattern on carpet can create a focal point for the room and add a little fun and flare to the feel of the home.


The truth is that carpet is much more comfortable than hardwood floor. Each step on carpet is cushioned and pads your step. This cushioning helps to prevent back and foot pains too.

In terms of warmth, carpet is warmer than hardwood floor and it provides excellent insulation during cooler months. Proper insulation in your attic and the installation of carpet leads to a warm home and an energy-efficient home with lower energy costs.


If you are remodeling your home or you just purchased a new home and have a limited home repair budget you should consider carpet instead of hardwood floor.

The cost to purchase and install hardwood floor is much higher than carpet. The long-term durability of hardwood flooring is appealing but the short-term impact on your budget is much more significant.


You need to scrub and wipe hardwood floors 2-3 times each week. To clean hardwood floors requires a lot of elbow grease and each time needs 10-15 minutes.

You need to vacuum carpet 2-3 times each week too but each time only requires 5-10 minutes and there is very little physical effort involved. The only other step in caring for carpet is scheduling routine carpet cleaning each year.


A carpet floor does a much better job of absorbing noises throughout a home. The sound bounces off of carpet and is trapped in the fibers.

Hardwood floor allows the sounds to reverberate off the surface and continue bouncing around the home. This creates a much louder home you might not want if you live with children or in a busier home.


If you suffer from allergies, you should consider carpet over hardwood floor. The allergens in the air in your home will fall to the floor and the carpet fibers will trap them there until you remove them with your vacuum.

For hardwood floor, the allergens fall to the floor but then recirculate again and spend much more time in the air you breathe in. Allergy sufferers would much prefer dust and germs trapped in carpet than floating around their eyes, nose and mouth.

There are several benefits of carpet and many reasons a homeowner should consider carpet over hardwood floor when it comes to decide how to decorate their home.

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