Curb Appeal Ideas for 2017

curb appeal 2017

Most homeowners have a limited budget when it comes to home repair and upgrades to the exterior of your home. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve the curb appeal of your home with a little creativity. Here are some DIY ideas for the exterior appearance of your home. Improve your curb appeal today!

#1: Clear Clutter

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your home to your neighbors is to clean up clutter around the perimeter of your home. You should put all of your gardening tools and children’s toys in your garage or shed and organize your hose and other items in a neat fashion. This is a free project and it is easy too! You will be amazed at the difference when there is no more clutter around your home.

#2: Hide Utilities

You can hide your air conditioner and other utilities from sight. Older units are not attractive and worn down. Build a cover to conceal your air conditioner. This requires some 2×4 boards and a drill and screws. You can build a cover in an hour or less and then hide your air conditioner for years to come. This project will cost $100 or less.

#3: Shutter Windows

Add shutters to your windows to showcase them. Shutters can also add a contrasting color to the exterior of your home for a little more curb appeal. To purchase and paint shutters for windows shouldn’t cost more than $50 and can be done in a morning or an afternoon. You can also add a garden box to a window to add a little more life and color to your home.

#4: Window Trim

You can upgrade your windows even more with additional trim around the edges. Trim comes in different cuts and finishes of wood for more decorative styling. You can purchase and paint trim for $75 or less at your local hardware store. You can add trim to your door too.

#5: Stone Veneer

You can add stone veneer to the front of your home’s steps or around support column. Stone is very popular in 2017. You likely can’t afford to rebuild your entire home with stone so this is a nice complementary upgrade for anyone with a limited budget. You can mount the stone with adhesive or screws for $500.

#6: Garage Door

You can repaint your garage door a new color or paint a new pattern on it. You can paint logos of your favorite sports team or car brand on the garage door too. You could even be patriotic for the Fourth of July and paint an American flag on the front of your garage. There are many ways for your garage to be a little more fun and festive that won’t cost much money at all.

We hope these ideas inspire you to upgrade the curb appeal of your home. You take great pride in your home and these ideas will show that to your neighbors as well. Do you have any good ideas for curb appeal or home repair projects? Share them below!

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