Why Does Water Ruin Carpet?

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For the most part, carpet is relatively durable and a sound investment for your home. It provides comfort, warmth and color and other benefits. Of course, you need to care for it properly including scheduling carpet cleaning each year.

That being said, there is something you always want to avoid when it comes to carpet and that is letting your carpet get too wet or stay too wet for too long. That’s right, water and moisture are two of the leading culprits for ruining carpet.

We don’t often think of water as being particularly damaging, but when it comes to carpet, it is. So, why does water ruin carpet?


You already know, but carpet doesn’t come with a drain. You can’t mop carpet either like you can with a tile or stone floor. If water is spilled onto carpet, the carpet will simply soak it up. Then the water is retained in the carpet pad and the carpet fibers.

After a short time, perhaps only a day or two, evaporation will cause the moisture to return to the surface. However, the water won’t be clean. It will now contain all of the dirt and bacteria that was in the pad or under the surface of the carpet.

This can lead to brown stains on the carpet. The longer the carpet remains wet, the chance for mold growth begins. And if a carpet is wet for too long, it can permanently damage the carpet and the floor beneath.

This means you want to avoid having your carpet get wet as much possible. To do that, you will need to know what causes wet carpet:


Here are some of the most common causes for wet carpet in a home:


If there are leaks in your roof or around your windows it can lead to water coming in from the outdoors and dripping and pooling onto one location on carpet. This will lead to saturation and brown spots or mold will occur soon after.

Be sure to inspect your roof, attic and windows multiple times a year to ensure each is properly sealed and there is no risk of leaks.

You will also want to check for leaks in piping and plumbing throughout the home to ensure there is no chance of a burst pipe or a loose sealant leading to water dripping from the pipes and onto carpet.


Sometimes extreme weather events occur and there is nothing a homeowner can do to prevent water from entering their home. In this event, be sure to call a water damage restoration service ASAP to mitigate the damage and restore your carpet and home to its original condition.


The process of steam cleaning carpet requires many gallons of water to rinse out the soap and detergents used during the cleaning. What happens is the company is not able to rinse out and extract all of the moisture and often times too much water is left behind in carpet.

This is often the reason homeowners complain that carpet cleaning leads to dirtier carpet. It is because water left behind results in brown spots on the floor.

Instead of hiring a steam cleaner or renting a machine, research a service that uses less water in their method so as to avoid subjecting your carpet to several gallons of water.

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